1. What is Previously Owned / What is the condition of the merchandise?
2. Are there any markings in it?
3. How accurate are the colors I see on my monitor?
4. What pants should I get?
5. FREE pant hemming?!
6. What is Classic Collection?
7. Do you offer any Bulk Purchase Discounts?


8. What is your Return/Exchange Policy?


9. How do I make sure I order the correct size?


10. Can you Ship Internationally?
11. How much is shipping?
12. What carriers do you use?
13. How many days away (Ground) am I?

14. Where are you located?


#1. What is Previously Owned / What is the condition of the merchandise?

-Previously Owned is how we refer to all the merchandise we sell that is not New. The Previously Owned merchandise we sell is formerly rental merchandise. In fact, 90% of the Previously Owned merchandise that we are now selling is merchandise that we purchased new at the beginning of it's lifetime! We can verify it has been taken care of, dry cleaned, and stored properly. All merchandise is clean and in wearable condition, and depending on how UPS or FedEx handled it, is typically wearable right out of the box. A good way to view this merchandise is to imagine that you're renting these garments from a local formalwear specialist, only it's less expensive and you don't have to return it!

Previously Owned garments are:
-Perfectly acceptable to wear to any formal event.
-Clean, in good condition, pressed and ready to wear (unless UPS was very rough with it.)
-A little less than perfect. They have been worn, dry-cleaned, and hung on hangers. That means there could be small imperfections that any worn garment could have.

Previously Owned garments are NOT:
-Merchandise that is in such bad shape we can't rent it.
-Merchandise that is unwearable in any way.
-Dirty or smelly! (there could be a very very slight smell of the chemicals that are used in dry-cleaning.)

Be aware - we would not sell anything that we ourselves would not wear!

#2. Are there any markings in it?

Possibly. We use internal codes and symbols to help identify exactly what our merchandise is. It is always in a concealed location that is not visible during wearing.

-In a Coat, there could be some text written on/in the inside pocket, a stitched in barcode, as well as manufacturer and/or wholesaler stitched in label.
-In a Trouser, there are typically the same markings and labels as a coat, only they're inside the waistband.
-In a Shirt, the identifying marks are either in the back of the shirt, directly below the collar, or on the front tail (but that is tucked in).
-In a Vest, the identifying marks are inside the vest.
-In a Tie, the identifying marks are on the underside of the tie, or on the underside of the strap.

#3. How accurate are the colors I see on my monitor? attempts to display product images shown on the site as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the color you see matches the product color, as the display of the color depends, in part, upon the monitor you are using.

We spend a lot of time taking accurate pictures and making sure the merchandise on is portrayed accurately. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask us!

#4. What pants should I get?

Finding the right pants to go with your order can be tricky, especially when there are so many options. To help, we’ve made some recommendations on every coat page. Still if you’d like to pick out your own, we've put together a few pointers so that you can feel confident doing so.

Rule of Thumb # 1: Match up fabrics. Whenever possible, make sure that your coat and pants are made out of the same material. Most (though not all) black formalwear is fashioned from tropical worsted wool, so we have several trousers styles that are also. You can view these trousers Here.

Rule of Thumb # 2: Check for patterns. Some coats have patterns on them, subtle or otherwise. Usually, these coats offer matching trousers with the same pattern. If available, the matching trousers are usually your best option. There should be links to these trousers on the coat product page.

Rule of Thumb # 3: Black usually works. It’s a common and accepted formal style to mix a white, grey, ivory, or navy coat with black pants. For an ivory coat, we may recommend the matching ivory trousers, but that doesn’t mean that black won’t work just as nicely. The difference is not one of quality, but just of personal preference.

#5. Free pant hemming?!

It's true! Any 'Previously Owned' pants that you purchase from are already hemmed, and ready to wear! No need to take your pants to a local alterations shop to be hemmed before wearing them.

All we need from you is your inseam, so we know what length to make them. If you are unsure what length your inseam is, you can get a local mens store or department store to tell you, or you can measure it yourself. It is the measurement on the inside of your leg, from the crotch of your pants, down your leg, to the point where you want the bottom of your pants to stop, preferably 1.5" above the ground.

If you have further questions, feel free to call us at 844-803-8463.

#6. What is Classic Collection?

When dealing with very basic and classic styles, occasionally several manufacturers will make virtually identical products. Because there is very little to no visual or textile difference between these products, and because these products are often in high demand in large numbers, we've created a "Catch All" category called Classic Collection. For instance, 4 different manufacturers might make an identical cummerbund. Instead of listing 4 different cummerbund styles, we've listed them all under one style to better accommodate our customers. So, if you order several Classic Collection items online, you may notice several different labels for the same merchandise. This is why.

Some classic collection styles may consist almost entirely of one label, with only 5 -10% inventory dedicated to a matching style. Other styles may be a hodge-podge of various labels. However, if we have grouped these items together, they have our stamp of approval that 1.) they are identical enough to be worn together by a large party that needs to match, and 2.) that the picture listed online is representative of the product you will be receiving.

To see a complete listing of our Classic Collection merchandise, Click Here.

#7. Do you offer any Bulk Purchase Discounts?

Yes! We do offer bulk discount rates on all of our tuxedo coats, both new and previously owned. This discount will automatically be applied to your order when you order enough of a particular tuxedo coat style. The more you order, the better rate you'll get; up to 20 units. See below for the Bulk Discount Rates for new tuxedo coats and previously owned tuxedo coats:


                                  Bulk Discount Chart
           New Coats                      Used Coats
1 - 4 Units  No Discount  1 - 4 Units  No Discount 
5 - 9 Units  -$5.00 Per  5 - 9 Units  -$3.00 Per
10 - 19 Units  -$9.00 Per  10 - 19 Units -$5.00 Per
20+ Units  -$12.00 Per  20+ Units -$7.00 Per


* This discount is applied on a "Per Style" basis, meaning the counter starts over for every style. For example, if you order 4 of one style and 4 of another style, no discount will be applied because you didn't order 5 or more in any one style. However, you CAN still get the discounted rate in the form of a credit/refund if you call us after you've placed your order at 844-803-8463.

Returns and Exchanges:

#8. What is your Return/Exchange Policy?

It depends on if it is New or Previously Owned Merchandise:

Domestic and Canadian Orders:

-For New merchandise, we accept returns if we are contacted within the first 30 days since the order was placed. After 30 days, no credit/refund will be given.
-Refunds/Credit will not be issued on any merchandise that has had the tags removed or shows signs of wear.
-We do not issue credit for shipping unless the error is ours.

-For Previously Owned merchandise, we are happy to exchange merchandise if the item does not fit or you would like to select another item.
-As part of our satisfaction gaurantee, we have done away with all restocking fees.
-The customer is still responsible for any shipping costs associated with the exchange, unless the error is ours.
-We do not accept returns on previously owned merchandise.

All Other Orders:

-For Previously Owned merchandise, we do not offer returns or exchanges, so make sure you order carefully! We're happy to help, just email us at: [email protected].

-For New merchandise we are happy to accept a return provided all criteria are met. We must receive your RA Request within 30 days of placing the order. After 30 days, no credit/refund will be given. Refunds/Credit will not be issued on any merchandise that has had the tags removed or shows signs of wear. We do not issue credit for shipping unless the error is ours. Return shipping is also the purchasers responsibility.

If you are interested in pursuing an exchange, please fill out the form on the Return/Exchange Policy page. We will contact you shortly with your RA number.

See also: the Return/Exchange Policy


#9. How do I make sure I order the correct size?

Best answer, be measured by a professional. Frequently you're able to get a department store, menswear store, or formalwear specialist to measure you. Sometimes they'll charge a nominal fee for their services, (it's worth it to make sure you order the correct size!) though sometimes they'll do it for free.

If there is not a professional nearby to get your measurements, you still have options. Check out our page on sizing, here.

Important Note: while we are very happy to help you with your sizing, we can only do our best with the information you give us. With formalwear, it is important that your garments fit appropriately, and our desire is to help you do that.


#10. Can you ship Internationally?

We are not able to accommodate most international orders at this time. However, does ship directly to the following: 

United States
the US Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico
the Cayman Islands
Costa Rica
and the Marshall Islands!

*You can see the shipping rates below.  All other countries must use the "International Checkout" option when checking out.  Shipping rates to Canada only include our shipping charge.  The rates posted do not reflect any additional taxes, fees, or duties that may be charged by the postal service at the time of delivery. 

#11. How much is shipping?

Shipping is a flat fee based on shipping a standard box to a domestic address. If shipping to Canada, the shipping price does not include any taxes, fees or duties that may be charged by the postal service at the time of delivery.

Domestic Shipping:



Merchandise Cost


UPS Ground

UPS 3 Day Air

UPS 2 Day

UPS Next Day Air Saver


6 - 10 Business Days

1-6 Business Days

3 Business Days

2 Business Days

1 Business Day

.01 - $24.99   $7.00*       $11.25       $17.50     $23.75              $42.50
$25 - $49.99   $18.00       $11.25       $17.50     $23.75              $42.50
$50 - $99.99   $24.50       $12.50       $18.75     $25.00              $45.00
$100 - $149.99   $49.00 FREE       $37.50     $52.50              $80.00
$150 - $499.99   $57.50 FREE       $50.00     $73.75              $103.75
$500 - $1499.99   $82.00 FREE       $75.00     $108.75              $145.00
$1500 - $4999.99   $164.00 FREE       $150.00     $217.50              $290.00
$5000 +    Call FREE        Call       Call               Call


*When selecting the $7.00 USPS Budget shipping, the items will come in a small box or bag, and may require ironing before wearing.

Canadian, Minor Outlying US Islands, and specific Caribbean Island Orders:


Merchandise Cost   

United States Postal Service    

FedEx Priority International    

6 - 10 Business Days

1 Business Day

.01 - $24.99                  $16.25                  $68.75
$25 - $49.99                  $38.75                  $68.75
$50 - $99.99                  $45.00                  $73.75
$100 - $149.99                  $51.50                  $81.25
$150 - $499.99                  $65.00                  $122.50
$500 - $1499.99                  $92.50                  $182.50
$1500 - $4999.99                  $182.50                  $371.25
$5000 +                   Call                   Call


International Shipping:

#12. What carriers do you use?

We currently use UPS and FedEx for domestic and international shipments, but also use USPS occasionally for international shipping.

#13. How many days away (UPS Ground) am I?

UPS Map 

#14. Where is located? is located in Little Rock, Arkansas.