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After Six 'Ivory' Troy Tuxedo Coat
SKU: C969
Price: $49.00 
After Six Ivory with Black Stripe Trouser
SKU: P888
Regular Price: $39.00
On Sale Now: $19.00 
Andrew Fezza Ivory 'Cool' Tuxedo
SKU: C984
Price: $59.00 
Classic Collection Ivory Bow Tie
SKU: TB304
Price: $6.00 
Ecko Extreme Ivory 'Stripe' Trouser
SKU: P869
Price: $29.00 
Ecko Ivory 'Extreme' 6 Button Notch Tuxedo Coat
SKU: C869
Price: $39.00 
Previously Owned Ivory Dinner Jacket
SKU: C925
Price: $59.00 
Jean Yves Ivory Stripe 'Parisian' Trousers
SKU: P916
Price: $49.00 
Jean Yves Ivory Stripe 'Parisian' Tuxedo Coat
SKU: C916
Price: $59.00 
NEW Ivory 'Bravo'  Tux 1 Lace-up Shoes
SKU: ON116
Price: $59.00 
Classic Collection Ivory Dress Socks
Price: $4.00 
Classic Collection 'Mark' Ivory Turn Down Collar Shirt
SKU: SN541
Price: $15.00 
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