Ecko Extreme Ivory 'Stripe' Trouser

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Ecko Extreme Ivory 'Stripe' Trouser

Ecko Ivory Extreme 'Stripe' Trouser



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The Ivory 'Stripe' Trousers by Ecko are the perfect compliment to their coat counter-part, C869.  Featuring an adjustable waist, double pleated front, and the same fashion side stripe that is featured on the coat, these trousers really do complete a very cool and fashionable look.


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Manufacturer: Ecko
Color: Ivory
Pattern: Solid
Pleat: Single-Pleated
Stripe: Ivory and Black Stripe
Waist:      Adjustable 
Fabric: Polyester
Included: Trousers Only
Item #:       P869

Ecko Extreme Ivory 'Stripe' Trouser