Andrew Fezza Mint 'Monaco' Trouser

Andrew Fezza Mint 'Monaco' Trouser

Andrew Fezza Mint 'Monaco' Trouser



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The Mint Monaco trousers by Andrew Fezza complete the look that the coat starts. Andrew Fezza brings a unique flare to the table with this line of colored tuxedos. Described as combining the "Sophistication of European Design" and the "Casual Ease of American Design". These trousers are the perfect complement to a memorable ensemble. The Andrew Fezza Mint coat, C823 is a perfect match.


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Manufacturer: Andrew Fezza
Color: Mint
Pattern: Solid
Pleat: Pleated Trouser
Stripe: Satin Stripe
Fabric: Polyester
Included: Trousers Only
Item #:       P823