NEW Black Slim Fit Trouser
NEW Black Slim Fit Poly Trouser



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The Black Slim Fit Tuxedo Trousers fashioned from a Polyester and Rayon blend will compliment the look of any of our colorful tuxedo coats. They feature a flat front, satin beaded side stripe, 3-size adjustable waist, slim fit tailoring, and are fashioned from a comfortable yet durable material.

These trousers feature an adjustable waist that typically accommodates about 3 different waist sizes. You'll see sizes shown like this: "30-31-32". That means these trousers approximately accommodate a 30 waist, a 31 waist, or a 32 waist.



Label: Couture 1910
Color: Black
Fit Slim
Pattern: Solid
Front: Flat-Front
Stripe: Side Satin Bead
Waist: 3 Way Adjustable
Fabric: Poly/Rayon Blend
Included: Trousers Only
Item #:       PNBSP