Classic Collection Black Trouser

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Classic Collection Black Trouser

Black Classic Wool Trouser



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The Classic Collection Black Trouser features an adjustable waist, non-pleated (flat) front, and a satin bead down the side.  They are fashioned from Tropical Worsted Wool, and will match any coat that is also fashioned from Tropical Worsted Wool.

These trousers feature an adjustable waist that typically accommodates about 3 different waist sizes.  You'll see in the size drop down box it shown like this: "30-31-32".  That means these trousers approximately accommodate a 30 waist, a 31 waist, or a 32 waist. 


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Manufacturer: Classic Collection
Color: Black
Pattern: Solid
Pleat: Non-Pleated (flat front)
Stripe: Satin Side Bead
Waist: 3 Way Adjustable
Fabric: Tropical Worsted Wool
Included: Trousers Only
Item #:       PC00