Joseph Abdoud Denim (Blue) Element Tuxedo Coat

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Joseph Abdoud Denim (Blue) Element Tuxedo Coat

Joseph Abboud Denim (Blue) Element Tuxedo Coat



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The Denim (Blue) 'Element' Tuxedo Coat by Joseph Abboud is an edgy and fun formal option. Featuring a 2 button single-breasted front, blue self notch lapel with black satin trim, black satin top collar, and is fashioned from a dac-wool blended material.  It looks great, feels great, and breaks away from traditional convention in a subtle but edgy way.


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Manufacturer: Joseph Abboud
Color: Blue
Pattern: Solid
Style: Single-Breasted
Self Notch w/ Black Satin Trim
Collar: Black Satin Top collar
Length: 29.5"
Buttons: Two Button Front
Pockets: Self Hacking Pockets
Vent: Non-Vented
Fabric: Dac-Wool Blend
Flat Front: PNC00
Single Pleated: PC01
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Included: Coat Only
Item #:       C934