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Below you'll find our selection of Jean Yves tuxedos and accessories. This merchandise is dry-cleaned, pressed and hanging in our warehouse ready to ship to you.  Whether you need the perfect wedding tuxedo, prom tuxedo, or a tuxedo for any other formal event, we're sure we have something for you!   Use the navigation to the left to filter your selection.  

Jean Yves Black flat front Modern Fit Tuxedo Trouser
SKU: PN996
Regular Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $59.00
Jean Yves Black Traditional Trouser
SKU: P938
Regular Price: $49.00
Closeout! - Limited Sizes: $29.00
Jean Yves Black 'Mirage' Mandarin Tuxedo
SKU: C819
Regular Price: $59.00
On Sale Now: $39.00
Jean Yves Black 'Ridge' Tonal Stripe Fullback Vest
SKU: VM982
Regular Price: $70.00
On Sale For: $25.00
Black 'Ridge' Tonal Stripe Flat Front Trouser by Jean Yves
SKU: P982
Price: $29.00
Jean Yves Chocolate 'Premier' Tuxedo Coat As far as the styling of the tuxedo is concerned, it's very traditional.
SKU: C912
Regular Price: $49.00
On Sale Now: $39.00
Jean Yves Ivory 'Mirage' Mandarin Tuxedo
SKU: C855
Regular Price: $59.00
Almost Gone - Closeout: $39.00
Jean Yves Chocolate 'Premier' Tuxedo Pants
SKU: P912
Price: $29.00
Jean Yves White Stripe 'Parisian' Trousers
SKU: P915
Price: $29.00
Jean Yves Midnight Blue Savoy
SKU: C944
Price: $59.00
Midnight Blue Single Pleat Formal Trouser
SKU: P944
Price: $39.00
Red Calypso Tuxedo Coat by Jean Yves
SKU: C1026
Price: $120.00